Developer offers each resident of 500 space MHP $1,000,000 for their space

This is crazy! A developer is offering each resident of a 500 space MHP $1 million dollars to sell their interest in the MHP and move! I thought California was bad… Florida makes us look tame! :slight_smile:


And to think we just finished selling almost 500 lots in Arizona and Washington for about $20,000 a piece!

Dave Reynolds


ITS ALL OVER THE NEWS! I know I’d take 1 million!

It is a beautiful park!

Pictures are located on AOL TOP NEWS!

It’s not your average trailer park. Its owners stand to make millions, but some say selling to a real estate developer isn’t worth giving up the lifestyle.

Trailer Park Residents Face Dilemma



BRINY BREEZES, Fla. (Jan. 2) - The owners of nearly 500 mobile homes in one of the last waterfront trailer-park towns in South Florida stand to become instant millionaires if they agree to sell to a developer. But some are holding out, saying there are things more important than money.

Kevin Dwyer, 47, is all for the deal. Dwyer, who paid just $37,500 for his trailer nine years ago, would make about $800,000.

With 600 feet of oceanfront and an additional 1,100 feet along the Intracoastal Waterway, real estate like Briny Breezes is pure gold.

“You just can’t buy a way of life,” said Tom Byrne, a 68-year-old retired sales executive, who is on the fence about supporting a sale.