Detroit Metro - "Go" or "No Go" Zone?

What is your opinion - Is the Detroit Metro Area an acceptable place for the MHP business or are you still staying out to let the smoke clear?

The ONLY part that has a future is the western side of Michigan. Detroit proper is still losing population and remember Flint, Mi is nearby!!!

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Depends on the area. “Detroit Metro” is a big area with good and bad spots. The right deal in the right neighborhood I would say go for it. Still a lot of people with some of the highest cost of living in the state…

Where have you found a park in the Metro area you want to own?

this is 'hear-say" from 2 people i work with from Detroit proper. Avoid it. People can’t move out of there fast enough. Carl is correct in saying stay towards the lake Michigan side of the state or the UP.

@steven.beyer he said “metro” not “proper”. Metro has great thriving communities as well as not so much…Be selective, I would buy in Some of the thriving good metro areas.
Proper is a complete war zone that looks like it was hit by a nuke, I would NEVER recommend Detroit Proper.

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First, within the city of Detroit there are no MHPs and that border ends at like 8 mile road (102) to the North, Telegraph (24) to the West and Ford Rd. (153) to the North. -give or take a few.

Detroit Metro is everything from the above out to like Ann Arbor - again give or take. The first city that I am aware of that has a MHP is Farmington Hills, MI which is in Metro Detroit Area.

There are good and bad cities within the Detroit Metro area that have MHPs, you just have to use your screening process to see what cities population is growing -which many are and they have MHPs.

The west side of the state - Grand Rapids area is doing better than the Detroit metro area, but again based on your criteria for finding that out it may not be.
I hope that helps and doesn’t confuse.
Happy investing

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I live in metro Detroit. Great place to raise a family. Except for the weather. If anyone has any questions feel free to reach out.