Determining lot size

How do you measure lot sizes? Are there boundary markers or do you measure from centerline of home to centerline of adjacent mobile home?

In parks with infrastructure, typically from the farthest edge of the parking pad, to the nearest edge of the parking pad on the adjacent lot. In parks without parking pads or much infrastructure, basically from the edge of the wall of the adjacent lot to the edge of the same wall on the next lot. But in a park that has every lot a different size, it’s just a matter of making an educated guess. There are no specific lot lines in most parks, so as the owner you have to pretty much make the final decision.

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In my parks the left side lot is usually people’s front yard. The front door of the mobile homes are also set on the left side of the home. Then on the right side of the home is the backdoor. Most of my parks the lot renter is responsible to mow a few mower width’s on the back/right side of the lot.

Most parks the owner just makes the final call. There is not necessarily a blue print to follow.

Ours is the same as mobilehomepark and we let the home owners decide how they will cut the grass on the back side of the homes. We generally allow enough space for rear stairs, about 4 ft. Most cut right up to the neighbours skirting.
Beyond that we make it very clear that there are no official lot lines and do not allow any fences.
The only issues we ever have are with new residents and we make it very clear that we do not tolerate territorial residents. Get along or get out.

And also, depending on the reason of your question, be sure to be aware of the setback requirement the city has for lines as that will impact the lots directly.

I have been reviewing some older parks and wanted to confirm the lots can accommodate newer homes. It sounds like the lots are arbitrarily created by the owner. Does the city ever dictate the distance between homes?

Yes, on two levels 1) by ordinance under setbacks and 2) by safety under the fire marshal. Before you ever bring in a new home into a park, you need to consult with the city and make sure that you have 100% agreement on what can come in and where it goes. You can’t sneak a home in as most cities require a “green tag” to get electricity.

Usually existing vacant lots are grandfathered and classified as legal non conforming. They will have restrictions as to the size of homes that may be set, generally regarding length as this most impacts set back.
The creation of new lots will require conforming to the lot sizes as outlined in the building codes.

What if the municipality has a ordinance specifically giving offset measurements

If this is truly a concern you can negotiate the Seller perform a $3,000 ALTA survey to get it precisely measured for every single pad. Unless the Park is grandfathered then the setbacks must be followed or the city can issue code violations.

thanks, we are having a survey done that is boundary and the out corners of the lots, price 2500