Destroyed Abandoned Home

Right now it would cost us $1300 to $1500 to haul it to the dump. Are there any other ways to get rid of it without it costing us? I

I to am interested in getting a few uninhabitable (but rent paying)out of my court. One the owner uses as a storage unit and tow others have sat with no one in them since we bought the court two and a half years ago.

How does a person go about getting rid of the older homes?

You can demolish them onsite and order a dumpster. Just don’t give to anyone who wants to only demolish this for scrap and walk away leaving everything else. You may ask your maintenance to do it. Just be careful as they may hurt themselves.

So i had a park with 3 junkers on it. I put an ad up on craigslist and found someone willing to demolish on site for $1,500 total. The key is to be there and make sure they don’t just scrap the good stuff and leave you junk.

I have a guy in Indiana that just tore down a trailer, all I needed to do was supply the dumpster. The entire thing is gone now no issues.

Just an update on my uninhabitable home issue. I did consult an attorney and confirmed that our lease had expired and the tenancy was month to month. I served five units with 30 day notices last month so that on September 1 they should technically have the homes removed. Right now one owner of two of the units are actively getting them ready to go trying to sell on Craig’s List. Another owner of two is probably going to fight me on it and an owner of a single is just ignoring me even though they all received certified mail.

We are looking at targeting 3 - 5 more to serve this month so that they will be out on October 1. There is nice inventory that can be moved into the court ASAP. and it is a good time to do this before winter hits here.

I appreciate the comments about supervising the demolition and people leaving junk behind. When we bought the court many had very small damage deposits and that could really get expensive to clean up.