Deck standards at park

Hi all! We have a MHP in NC. We have a few tenants with TOH’s that have decks that are about to fall apart if you even blow on them. Do you guys have anything in your park rules about deck standards and how they have to keep up their decks? I just don’t want a huge lawsuit it Amazon comes to drop off a package and falls through the deck or a kid gets hurt.

We have several rules regarding the construction and maintenance of decks, as well as the overall upkeep of exterior appearances.

"…Decks and porch steps must be constructed using either pressure treated lumber or fiberglass. Only designs and materials, approved by the Community Manager and City Inspector, in writing, may be used. All decks and porch steps must be kept in good condition and repair at all times. "

Do you have a definition of what “good condition and repair at all times is”? I know that our tenants definition of good condition and our definition of good condition are two different things. I want to put the definition in our park rules that they have to sign but not sure what to put in there. Thanks!

I would suggest something along the lines of “…kept in good condition and repair, at the discretion of the Community.” Additionally, as you mentioned, the responsibility for the deck rests with the TOH in the event of any injuries occurring on their property. Conversely, the POH is a concern that should be addressed by park owner.

It’s important to create a comprehensive set of park rules rather than adding rules as you go. Frank may have a generic set that could serve as a useful starting point, or you could consult the Manufactured Housing association in your state for guidance or MH Attorney.

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I will reach out to the MHA and see if they have anything as well. Thank you!

Try to link park rules to city building codes. The code contains specific parameters for decks.