Deceased Tenant- property still in park

We are first time park owners (closed on our park in January 2022) and we are definitely in the learning experience phase. We just learned that one of our tenants passed away a few weeks ago. The trailer he lived in was in very poor condition and we need the trailer and his belongings removed from the property. We are willing to help the family out with moving everything, but want to make sure we are following a good process. There is no lease for anyone in the park (previous owner believed in handshake agreements). We are in the process of getting everyone on month-to-month leases, but that won’t help us for this circumstance. Is there anyone on here with a park who has had a tenant pass away and wouldn’t mind sharing the process you followed to remove belongings/trailer?

I would have the family remove as much as possible. Once they are done ask them how they plan to pay the rent next month. They are usually shocked that the rent is owed. Then tell them if they sign over the home and all it’s belonging to you, then you will take care of it for them and they will not owe you rent.

I had a tenant die also. The the sister and husband went through the MH looking for something of value. Took his car and left the junk home for me. Full of syringes and milk jugs of p.

I have had numerous tenants pass. You need to contact the family and inform them that the home and belongings are the responsibility of the family and that as long as the home remains on your property they owe rent. You do not need a written lease your state landlord tenant regulations makes it understood that it is a legal verbal lease. I would not make them any offer or promises. You want to pressure them to remove the home. If I get push back I have my lawyer send them a threatening letter. That is a lawyers primary function. Worse case they dump it on you, best case they remove it and save you the hassle. It’s just business.