Deals wanted

So,I’m looking for a park in a safe community (but not too small a place) with no, little p.o.h (and not just recently sold to tenants) with a property that has town water, sewer and maybe metered. I understand I will have to pay a finders fee. I’d be really interested to here from someone. Thank you

You’re going to have to narrow your search significantly, as that’s too broad a net. You need to figure out how much you have for a down payment, and then multiply that by 5 to get the deal size range (you may get lucky and find a deal with seller carry at less down, but it gives you a starting spot). You also should pick a particular region that interests you, even if it’s not a specific state, You’re also going to have to relax your criteria to some degree, such as on the park-owned homes. Just about every park has a few, and you can’t be that demanding on who’s in them or what’s going on with them under the management of the mom & pop. The final item is that you don’t need to be paying a finder’s fee, but finding the deals on your own using the listings on and Loopnet, the industry brokers (which are listed on Mobilehomeparkstore), and then a proactive campaign of direct mail and cold calling.

So to sum it up, your search should be for a park in the price range of $__________ in the ________ section of the U.S., with city water and sewer. That’s how to bait your hook in looking for deals. Then it’s all about filling your deal pipeline.

Just trying to get you off on the right foot.

Thank you Frank for the advice, greatly appreciated.