Dealer's License in Oklahoma

Does anyone have experience with obtaining a Mobile Home Dealer’s License in Oklahoma?

We’re acquiring 2 parks and plan to bring in new homes and leverage a financing program like 21st Cash program.

I’m looking at the application for the Dealer’s License and there are some requirements that our parks would not meet…

i.e. “business must be a permanent structure separate and apart from any residence or other business and the facility must have an accessible restroom for the public. The facility must be regularly occupied by a person, firm or corporation engaged in the business of selling manufactured homes.”

Wondering how others have dealt with this and any other wisdom you can share around the application process in OK.


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The language was basically written by the MH dealer’s of Ok. and did not want completion from newbies. We never could be totally legal in OK with all the red tape so basically worked with established dealers for infill–if you try without being legal we in the pass were told to cease selling homes or serve TIME—go luck–some attorney time would be possibly helpful BUT we were at that time residents of OK. I suspect you bought the parks north of Tulsa, ok. where one is surrounds by ponds–good luck!!!

You need an MH Retailer bond or proof you have assets in excess of $X in order to get an MH Retailer license there. You should be able to bond your park location. Use it as the physical address. If you don’t have a permanent office in the park, then list your corp address as your mailing address. That should work. Most commercial agents should be able to handle your bond request. Mobile Insurance can do it if you’d like it done fast - call Luz Alvizo 800-458-4320, ext. 111 or email her at We have a number of park owners licensed /bonded in OK.

We could not be licensed to be a dealer in OK. legally without a separate office , normal hours of operation and separate phone number, etc be very carefully we were turned in and the state gave us a choice–at the time with a marina we could not get a license–period. Thanks Kurt for your input

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It’s my observation over the years that businesses, not consumers, are the source of many business laws and regulations. They are often promoted to legislators under the cloak of consumer protection. The authors even often get consumer groups to lead the way. However, many regulations are simply attempts by businesses to limit competition.

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I’m having a similar issue here. Our Oklahoma park does not have a dedicated office, so it would not qualify for the dealer license. I had plans of infilling used and utilizing 21st or Vanderbilt to sell them back to residents. Vanderbilt told me I should be allowed to do two per year without a license. To do this in bulk, it seems my next best option is to partner with a local dealer to handle the sale and financing of the homes out of our park.