Deal review

35 lots 23 occupied6 POH - 3 vacantlot rent $225Water is sub-metered and billed back to tenants. Park is in a major metro with tons of demand.Park is $70 a month under the lot rent of a larger park 1/2 mile away. Park is very ugly but test ad brought 50 calls over 10 days. Price is $330K 

I can’t understand how many occupied lots there are from what you are saying above.  But given that you are master-metered, multiply the $225 lot rent by 60, that is what each pad is worth at a 12% cap.  Then add-in the value of the 6 POHs.Buy the materials off this website and come to the next bootcamp.Good luck,-jl-

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Did you move forward with purchasing this park? Just curious how it went or why you did/did not purchase the park. Seems like you found one with some decent upside.

I am with @Jefferson also, not sure about the lot break down. Who pays for utilities, and are they public or private?