Deadbeat Tenant List

What recommendations do you guys have for sharing deadbeat tenant names with other Landowners? Is it against the law to have a website with a list? Are you aware of a computer software data base? Thanks in advance.

Have you searched for a local apartment association that you can join? They often provide credit reporting and rental/judgement history at very reasonable prices.

Our local apartment association does not have a database. Do you know if it is against the law to have a website with a deadbeat list?



I’m not a lawyer so I don’t know if it is legal or not. However, the appartment association usually has access to judgements made in the county in which it does business, which would provide you with a history of legal issues for the prospective tenant.

Alternatively, in doing my own research for other business, I’ve found that it is also possible to research a person’s legal history on your own by visiting the county clerk’s office.

I don’t know how good this site is but it is a national tenant reporting site… Bob

pretty sure its not legal to make an official list but if someones name got brought up at a meeting, im sure past landlords would have plenty to say if they had been “taken” by said resident in the past

Thanks for the info. The site looks good, but I am concerned that the Privacy Act will not allow us to publicly list our Deadbeats.