DD on septic

For those of you who has been around the block a few times, would you recommend doing due dilgence on septic tanks? What I mean is if the owner said there is one tank per lot, how do you know that is the case. Is this info being kept some place such as in city hall? How do I find out what size, condition these tanks are in? Is there some type of soil test that I must do to determine if the tanks are doing the job?

Thank you in advance for your valuable input.


The owner/manager should be able to identify each septic tank in the park. There should be a cleanout for each one.

I always ask who they call when the tanks need to be serviced. Once I find out which company is there the most, I make a visit to the office and ask them a fair assessment of the condition.

You can also hire competent septic companies to perform analysis on the existing tanks.