Day of Celebration, evicted a very bad tenant after more than 4 years

This dirt bag owes rent from May 2019 forward plus re-levied water and sewer. First I had a judge that was anti landlord, couldn’t find a lawyer to do an eviction for me, then corvid. Finally a conservative judge was put on the bench and the eviction moratorium ended and I was able to represent myself and get the eviction.

Just this morning I had the privilege of emptying his manufactured home. He was a hoarder and the home was full. He and his friends were busy taking the roof off, the furnace out, the toilets out, lightbulbs etc.

He was once a good tenant who used to run a registered repair shop before alcohol and drugs took control. He was losing his shop and the town got on him about the junk, and he brought it all onto my trailer park. You would not believe the video of the walk around. Along the line became a drug dealer and thief, he turned his house into a flop house shooting gallery with all the most notorious low lives in the area frequenting in and out all night. Cars coming and going like a drive through. The State police were there all the time. His daughter was arrested in a car in front of his place with over 1800 packets of heroin laced with fentanyl. The local judge put her away, the supreme court judge released her. The good tenants all wanted leave.
Its a small town and a nice but troubled young man got tied up with them. He was doing better, went to rehap, then relapsed and died from a fentanyl overdose everyone is certain came from these dirt bags.
At least the deadbeat sold me his home for a dollar so I don’t have to go through the NYS abandonment procedure.
It’s been a real nightmare and there is a lot of cleanup to do. But I think I am over the hump and going to see better days.


Your bad tenant eviction is practically a carbon copy of one of my bad tenant evictions.
I wish more landlords like you had the perseverance to stand up to and evict rather than allow bad people to negativly impact other tenants.
Too many landlords place collecting rent ahead of prioritising the welfare of the community.

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