Dateline: SEATTLE! Investor's Networking event

The Mobile Home Investor’s Networking event will be held Sunday October 8th, beginning @ 9 AM; local speakers (and some not-so-local) are scheduled:

MH Park-specialized attorney, Marlene Kaplan, has built her entire practice representing MH Parks and Park Owners. She understands our business, and will present on the MH business in general, as well as working to better benefit parks, and increase profits in doing so! (I’ve had her speak before - she’s really good!)

Jim Winder, formerly of Equity Trust, will present on using Self-Directed IRAs to invest in MHs and MH Parks.

John Merchant will show how he profits for investors and himself with MH Notes and financing.

Local, and not-so-local, investors will be presenting techniques for and examples of how they are creating Mobile Home notes for fun and profit, and creating wealth with those assets that other RE Investors won’t touch with a ten-foot-pole: Manufactured Homes on Land!

and other surprise, non-guru (yet!) guests.

EVERYONE is welcome - this is a free event - and investors in the Northwest are especially encouraged to attend. There will be Hard Money Lenders in attendance, we will likely hold a Dealmakers Forum, and there will be LOTS of networking and small group exchange.

The event will be held at the La Quinta Inn in Fife (about 20 mins from airport). We have a block of rooms reserved at special rates (I thinks its $80/night) - when booking, tell them you are with the Mobile Home Group!


Contact info for the hotel is:

1425 E. 27th St.

Tacoma, WA 98421-2200

(800) 531-5900

(253) 383-0146

(253) 627-3280


Feel free to email me privately, or post here if you have questions.

Hey Steve,

Sounds like you have put together a great event!! Living in Wisconsin will make it difficult to get out there,but it sure is nice to hear from people with the passion you have for this type of investing. Good luck at the event.I would like to do the same in the Midwest if anybody has the interest??

Bruce J.


This sounds like an outstanding event! I unfortunately will be on the East Coast speaking at an event but hopefully can make it next year. It looks like you put together an All Star Line up! :slight_smile:


Got my reservations, both flight & hotel! Flight was $236RT + tax, etc. from Raleigh. I figure I can’t afford to miss this opportunity to both learn & network. (Besides, isn’t there a Nordstrom’s in Seattle?) Thanks for putting this together for us, Steve–



Thanks for taking the “Greg Meade” initiative and starting a West Coast MOM club. I’m going to be out of town or else would love to attend.

Tell John Merchant I said “hi”. He’s an outstanding individual that I had the pleasure to meet on an Alaskan cruise a few years ago.

Steve Case

will do Steve - perhaps next time you can tell him yourself!


if folks ask where you got the name, i am sure you will explain. Wanted to come out for that and Jennifer (you remember my 17 year old?) encouraged me to do so. Come to find out, jen had an application in at FSU Tallahassee and they are having a tour and intro that weekend so she wanted to drive up there …and this is the part I loved “Matt says I can stay in the dorm with him and his pals, and there is a party we can go to in Tallahasee, please Dad it is only it 202 miles from home all on Interstate freeways” well, Matt graduated from my daughter’s high school last year and i do like that boy, but ill probably be there open house day AND night. I like parties and Matt WILL invite me to if she wants to go! Plenty of room in my truck!! LOL

You have a great time Steve…you are the BOMB!

Greg Meade

Hi Steve,

I’m going to try to make it there on Saturday evening.


Where’re you at, Mimi?

We will have the profound pleasure of hearing first hand the success story of Bob and Joyce Edwards - new Lonnie Dealers in Idaho as of April of this year . . . the count so far is 23 deals done! In only FIVE months!

How in the world? These are down-to-earth people who know how to find opportunity. And they will tell us their story, Sunday October 8th, and will be on hand for the pre-event mixing the Saturday evening before.

LaQuinta Inn

1425 E. 27th St.

Tacoma, WA 98421-2200

(800) 531-5900

This is a no cost networking event, and ALL are invited!