Dangerous Tree?

Any thoughts on this tree? It’s getting quite close to trailer but am wondering whether it can just be trimmed or necessary to incur the expense of removing in its entirety? Thanks!

As long as it is healthy my policy is to trim.
IF there are any dead branches or showing signs of dying you may want to consider removal.

Hire a certified arborist who really knows what he or she is doing and doesn’t work for a tree removal company. If trimming is necessary, pay the arborist to stand there and tell the tree company what cuts are to be made and how. Can’t tell the type of tree from the pic, but whatever it is, it is completely inappropriate for a trailer park.

I have owned parks for years and plan on keeping my parks for a long time. I take down trees like that. It’s expensive, but that tree will eventually cause you problems, its just a matter of time. The roots can be an issue as well. Best wishes.

I’m leaning that way as well given my long-term view. Thank you.

In my parks if any lots are empty, I take out any medium or larger tree out at that any point. Much cheaper that way. In one of my parks we had about 30 large old cotton wood trees. Some stumps 6 feet wide. Some trees close to 100 feet tall. I selectively began taking them out over a several year period. Its so much cleaner around the park. Less sticks and leaves. Also the sewer lines clog up much less.

When park sellers advertise “mature trees” that equals tree expenses if your a buy and hold investor!

I was wondering what you thought about these trees. Get a load of the tree leaning against the electrical post next to the home. This is a park I am looking at in a beautiful setting surrounded by woods.

@Shelly you might contact the electrical provider as sometimes they handle the maintenance around their lines.

Trees are nice to provide some shade and give a more serene setting but anything that is unhealthy or a risk should really be addressed. Somewhere in the middle of those two is safe balance.

Generally speaking, park owners are liable for property damage and bodily injury caused by trees if the tree or limb was dead or dying when it fell. Therefore, dead or dying trees and limbs should regularly be removed from your property. Due to the high hazard of tree trimming, we recommend that you hire contractors to do that for you. If you have maintenance people and your workers compensation insurance company learns your workers trim trees, they’ll likely non-renew your insurance.

Tree damaged caused by healthy trees that fall over generally won’t result in your ultimate liability, but that doesn’t mean that some tenant won’t demand you compensate them when a wind storm blows over a healthy tree and it badly damages their home. Large trees can fall right through any home.