Dangerous tenants!

Recently, we (a couple) have taken over the management job and moved into the mobile home park where the tenants live. There are about 100 homes. We have a dangerous situation. One of our tenants: a man, woman with a toddler and a big dog has been cut off of their water supply by the city. They are in arrears about 4 months. The previous mgr already notified them of many issues including “back rents” and yard issues. This is a small town under 12,000. How do we get them out without endangering ourselves when we move about daily, in and around this small town? We’ve heard some managers would pay them to move or call the city inspector. Isn’t it obvious who called the inspector? As you probably know, desperate people do desperate things. What are some other options for us?

You make no mention in your post as to what your specific concerns are regarding this eviction.

It would help to know what the bases of your fear is.

As a manager of the park it is one of your responsibilities (I assume) to insure rules are followed, rent is paid and evictions are carried out as need be.

What exactly is your perceived level of danger in this case.

Are they drug dealers, do they have criminal records for violent acts or are you simply apprehensive about doing the job.

You will need to evict regardless of the individual situation so move forward by issuing the notice and respond accordingly as the process unfolds.

thanks, that helped us clarified our thoughts on the matter.

Well they cannot live there with no water it not sanitary. Go talk to them and see what their problem is and hopefully you can get a good look inside and see how they are living. I am a big pain where children are concerned with no water, no electric you are getting a visit from social services. When you are in the rental business you will make people mad, I have for years, I will try to help the tenant if they are worth the help such as section 8 some tenants have no clue to the options of help they can get. I have a few section 8 that really need it, great people I even helped them with paperwork. Some tenants need evicted and some need help but you should never be in fear for your safety. Do whatever it takes to make you feel more confident. I have had my CCW for many years and I am a pretty blunt person by nature, I offer a service and the tenant pays me for it. My promise to them is a safe place to live and there isn’t much over all these years I haven’t done to give my tenant peace in their home. One more thing then I’ll shut up I think of all my good tenants when I am taking care of the bad one.