Dangerous dog breeds

Does anyone have an official list of dangerous dog breeds? I found a lot of list on Google, but nothing official from a recognized organization.

thank you.

My insurance company lists Akita, Alaskan Malamute, chow, doberman, Irish wolfhound, rott, husky, presa canario, wolf hybrid, great dane, boxer, dalmatian, pit, mastiff, st Bernard, German shepherd, Australian shepherd and staffordshire terrier.

Some might consider a government organization reputable, others not, but here is something I found on it and your tax dollars paid for it.


@Peter , as per your post:

  • “Dangerous dog breeds”

Our Tenants would tell us that they had a “Poodle” and it would be a “Pit Bull”. I guess that they both start with “P”, but beyond that they are totally different breeds.

We found that it is much easier to just limit the weight of the dog.

We have limited the weight at 30 pounds at full maturity.

We have the Tenants provide us with documentation from the Vet showing shots up to date along with the dog’s weight.

Getting official documentation of a dog’s breed would probably require genetics testing as there are a lot of mixed breeds.

Neither our Tenants nor us have the time nor money to get genetics testing.

We wish you the very best!

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