Cut your Phone bill

Just finished the Mobile home park course on Telephone bill part. I am actually suprised by the phone bill of 100/month. In my mind, if you pay for internet (DSL or cable), you should be able to cut down that phone bill to 0 unless you have to make a lot of international phone call. So if your monthly phone bill is 100, you save 1200 a year. For a 10% cap rate, that is 12,000.

There are many ways to cut the phone bill to bare bone. The best way is to get a google voice number. It is free and you can get a local google voice phone number. This way, you can control the phone forever. You can set up to let the google voice to foward all the incoming calls to your manager’s cell phone, home phone and/or office phone.

Now for your office phone, you need to get a free phone number from IPcall. I got one with 415-XXXXXXX, which I don’t care at all because everyone is going to call google number and forward to this 415-office number. (I don’t even remember my home phone number).

Next thing is to get an ATA, which cost about 30 dollars on Ebay. Set up that ATA and you can call anywhere in the USA for free.

In the end, you spend 30 to get an ATA and you can call and receive phone call anywhere in US (maybe Canada) for free. You don’t need to pay a cell phone for your manager, and you can set up to forward a call to a new manager’s cell phone and home phone without giving your tenants a new phone number.