Cruise Contol Parks

Many thanks to all who take the time to contribute to this forum. The combination of Dave and Frank’s course, the weekly conference call, and the information on this forum have provided an education not available anywhere else.

After purchasing the course back in 2008, I bought two quality parks here in Indiana and would like to purchase another. The bank has been very satisfied with the parks’ consistent cash flow, and has indicated willingness to finance another park at competitive rates and terms.

I am looking for another “cruise control” park in a good market, since I would make a rather poor turnaround specialist. If anyone has a park they are interested in selling, and if the park is here in Indiana with good management already in place, I would appreciate your letting me know about it. I have no problem with paying fair value for a quality park, and I realize that a quality park does not always mean a pretty park. I can be reached at 219-474-3801 and at