Credit woes with Pandemic

Not sure if in the right place but forced to retire with pandemic and need to move to my own place. Have enough in 401 to purchase a used mobile home cash but my credit is in the floor. No evictions. I owned and then moved overseas with Fed job. Plan to handle the debt etc but I must find a place to live first. What are my chances in central Fl. ? 50 yrs working hard and a bug destroys my life. Any suggestions be appreciated.

As a park owner, I would probably buy that story.
Be honest with the park and tell them your situation. You might need to offer more of a deposit or something. Larger parks might have set in stone requirements, smaller mom and pop’s might be more flexible.
Don’t purchase the mobile home before you are approved to move into the park.

Most of the parks are MHVillage. I am prepared to pay more on deposit or whatever they need. Canadians buy or rent in the parks with out a social security # or credit, I hope I find an understanding person, thanks.