Credit reports for financing mobile homes

For those of you who are not a landord, but are carrying back the financing on mobile home sales, how are you obtaining credit reports on your credit applicants? The only credit reporting services I can find are for landlords only.

You can subscribe to credit reporting services. I use one called accudata, you will need to fill out forms so as to verify your reasons for pulling credit.

I do both rental and financed sales but see if this site helps you out:

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Our old company Safe Rent will not take our credit check business unless we pay them up front now. Does the above company bill monthly?




They bill per report. The price depends on what various report package you choose. The have several options. A basic credit report from Experian costs $12.95 (if memory serves me correctly). There is no monthly fee. The only charge is when you actually run a report, whether 10 a month or one every 10 months.