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I can’t wait until you get started on this new business. Sign Fred and me up as one of your first clients. We had a discussion just this week on how it would be a huge relief for Fred to shed the bookkeeping side of the business. He then could focus more on buying/selling homes in the park and increasing the cashflow and equity.

Let me know when you have everything ready and we’ll get it up on the site.



Please put me on your list too. I have two parks in Texas. We currently use quick books for both parks. I am interested in any new products that will help us be more efficient.


Lynn R.


One thing I don’t like about QB is I would prefer

reports that are geared more for rental property

(like who has paid for the month)

If each bill is represented by a QB invoice, can’t you run a report telling you which invoices have/haven’t been paid? An accounts receivable aging report should do the same thing.


We are looking at Rent Manager currently to purchase. Several mobile home park owners that we know use Rent Manager and love it. I will let you know our findings!



Thanks for the info about!



Based on our minimal requirements for a management tool, Tenant Pro and Rent Right did not make our shortlist for analysis. However, they both appear to be viable solutions for your business needs at the moment. Rent Right is very similar to Sitelink, a tool that is used extensively in the self storage business. I don