Creative methods to advertise vacancies

So as a new park owner, I have and am using the traditional methods of marketing vacancies in the property. We’ve done Craigslist, newspaper ads (classified and display) and signage off the main streets. The best results have come from nearby signage – we use the For Lease signs you can pick up at Lowes or Home Depot.

The question is what else are folks doing that has proven successful (and is obviously economical)? I’ve seen the discussion on using feather flags and that’s sounds like another great way to ramp up the signage effort.

But what else has proven to be sucessful? (The park is off the beaten path, but there is a major road nearby with good traffic counts. Signage off this particular road has been the most successful).

Thanks in advance for any insights/ideas.

I have never needed to do this, but I hear the tool of last resort is to carpet bomb mailout all apartment tenants within 3 miles and is quite effective. Don’t do this to other MHP’s though…

good idea. thanks for that tip.

Contact retailers and offer an incentive(s).