Create Map for MHP

I have a 40 unit MHP and would like to create a map showing the roads, water lines, septic tanks and trailer addresses. Any advice for a non techi or outsource this to a VA who’s done this before?

Upwork has thousands of options. Post your job and budget and you’ll get a ton of responses. Look through portfolios of highly rated and go from there.


I scanned my assessor’s Parcel map into a BMP file.
Then I used MSPaint to draw what I needed on the Map.

You can also use Adobe. You need to import it as a PDF and mark it up.

Pretty Crude, but it works fine.
Windel_Smap Model with B systems from 20011 approx.pdf (111.4 KB)

Original Map


Used Upwork for similar. Could go full GIS if you want to get technical. There’s a lot of talent out there to be had for not much money.

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I appreciate the advice.

Looks good. Appreciate the advice

I used google maps, terrain view and zoomed in to the max. Took a screenshot and used to modify the rest. Worked pretty good.

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I used upwork for this one. It was very reasonable and worth the $100 dollar price.


This is exactly what we are looking for. Can you share the contact info for this designer?
Thank you!

Ghalib Saijad

He was at Fiverr or up work.

I highly recommend him.

Good luck!


You could screenshot the image from google maps, then have a VA “trace” a new design based on that scale. We have created maps that way for $10 to $15 per map.

Good idea can you share the VA contact details so it will require less explanations?

My “map person” is not making maps anymore, but it’s not that hard to explain. You find an example that you like, share your map, and tell your VA to make your map look like the example.