I have not done a L/D in several years and had three call in in the past 6 days. One wants 1K or offer 1985 s/w family park, lot rent is 145 per month. They are leaving for Las Vegas the first. Another one is a 1979 s/w with screen room, central a/c for 2K asking, lot rent 180. One is a 1995 s/w with shed in adult park, 430 lot rent, asking 9K.

will pass on the last one…what the hey i am going to buy the first two and try to sell for 8K, 1K down 12.75% interest for a couple of years. short term but killer yields…everything else is slow around here, why not?

These folks responded to an ad I run all the time, “we buy used mobiles”

It is hard to pass on a great deal, even smaller deals.

What a great business…the more things change, the more they stay the same I guess!