Craigslist Test Ads Flagged repeatedly

I’ve posted test ads on craigslist successfully over the past couple of years and have received responses.

Have a new park in TN that I placed a test ad for this week, and it got flagged repeatedly. I tried to repost four times using variations over a period of 3 days - longer descriptive text, images, longer title, etc.

It still gets rejected.

Has anyone else had this issue and if so, how did you resolve it?

Craigslist doesn’t have a helpdesk, but they do have a forum run by moderators that really don’t provide much value.

Sounds like you have some competitors that dont like fake ads. Sorry, I meant ‘test ads’.

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well said, likely true :rofl:

Most likely scenario I would think is you are getting auto-flagged, most likely due to an IP mismatch (you are posting far away from the city) or due to age of the account (if you have started a new CL account recently).

But my experience with Craigslist is that nobody uses it anymore. My wife has an online retail store and we sell our returns locally to avoid the hassle of having to ship them back in. She posts everything on both Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, and 95% of our local sales are from FB.

Same happened for the test ad I just ran for a park I am currently doing DD on. Posted on CL and FB. Had one response from CL and about 25 in just a couple of days on Facebook. The town my park is in is about 45 minutes away from the town that CL had listed, so that might be part of it, but FB is so targeted to the local demographic, I don’t know that CL is even worth the hassle anymore.


Yeah FB has quickly drowned out CL in my area.

Thanks Nate. That makes a lot of sense (regarding IP) but still odd as I’m in NY and just a few months ago posted an ad in CA that got a great response, they’ve changed what’s permissible since then.

I’m going to give FB a whirl and see how that goes.

The moderators on the CL ‘help’ forum are atrocious - enough to make you want to abandon the site once and for all!

Thanks again for the input, really appreciate it.

:+1: appears to be the trend…

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What area of TN are you in?

I’m based in Brooklyn, NY

What Craigslist area are you having issues with?

Craigslist area = Central TN