Craigslist Posting

Does anyone have a good resource for posting ads on Craigslist? The ad posting has become cumbersome and I’d like to outsource that part of the daily grind.

You can get a VA on or other type sites.

@CharlesD Id expect for you to be the one sharing info with the group on what a good strategy is :grin: p

I use Podio for CRM AND task manager. Really great to run as a collaborative to do list and so expansive for whatever you do in the future. In this situation , i create a recurring task every 3 days for ad renewals on whatever active ad or ads I be running for my VA to assist with .

Haha! I’m more looking for a posting service to handle it as opposed to a VA. I try to get 100 live ads up per community within a week when we have a vacancy. Their are very few VA’s who have the skills to do this without having their account burned constantly.

We have a few parks in areas where the apartment operators will use flagging services so we hammer Craigslist in those areas just to get a few ads to stick on the first page of the housing section.

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These posting services are doing the same thing - burning their CL accounts. They create tons of “burner” CL accounts specifically for this purpose. And most of them use “bots” to automate the entire process… You upload your ad, specify the metro areas of interest, it will create 1,000 burner emails and CL accounts, and VOILÀ! Tons of ads in minutes. It’s all transparent to you and as far as you know they have a team of Malaysian’s hard at work on this manually. :slight_smile:

It’s a continuous issue for CL to block these services as they’re always abusing CL’s Terms of Service.