Craigslist charging to find labor now

It seems Craigslist wants a piece of the Angieslist, Homeadvisor pie. Tried to find some labor for a small job this morning and got this. I liked Craigslist since it was one of the last free services that wouldn’t sell out to advertising or fees, but seems that’s changed.

Annoying. Are you all seeing this too?

You are not alone my friend, just checked.

I don’t have the stomach for the craigslist lottery contractors anymore. The last one i just did, asked Facebook from their recommendations , got a ton, sorted by reviews ,found someone that was ok with doing some smaller things and larger things. It has been going good thus far.

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I have also used Task Rabbit for some smaller jobs too - found a licensed electrician for $35 per hour. Um, yes please.


Didn’t even know they did that! I bid a n odd thing through them ( or maybe it was a small market ) with no takers so good to know.