Craigslist Advertising

I would like to post multiple ads on craigslist each day, but am perplexed on how to accomplish it. As I understand it, you must have different phone numbers to verify the account initially, different email accounts and different ISP’s. The part I am having trouble with are the ISP’s. Other than paying alot to my internet provider for this each month; using a proxy server (where I can’t get local ISP addresses); or paying someone to do it for me, I don’t know how to set it up. None of the above 3 options look good to me.

If anyone has set this up before or knows how to do it, your help would be greatly appreciated, as I recently purchased a park with hi vacancy and need to do all I can to get the occupancy up asap, and craigslist seems to work in this area.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Craigslist allows a single user with a single phone number to post multiple adds. Here’s the catch though, Craigslist seems to have some automatic spam filters that get triggered very easily when you are posting from out of state. When I try to post ads in Ohio from California, sometimes the ads get displayed, and sometimes they don’t. I haven’t figured out what it is that sometimes sets off the spam filter.

When I do have my postings get blocked, I just ask a friend to post them up for me. It’s not ideal since you have to ask them to refresh the listing every couple of days, but I haven’t figured out a better solution yet.

There are subcontractors on you can hire to do this. They charge per verified post. We post in 5 states, daily, changing ad text and content daily using one account. We just rotate each park through about 6 differing ads, and we post and pull them daily.

Some VAs will have IP issues - CL will block them. Some VAs will use HideMyIP software - and CL will block them as well. If Jim is having good luck - and CL is not GHOSTING his ads, find out from which country his VAs are from - that will be a good start.

Yes, rotate - and send links to your website. We have 80+ ads running at all times - lots of different properties of course, but 80, many similar.

CL has some funky rules that change all the time - and the ghosting thing stinks - because you’ll never know. But it is one of our best things we do in marketing.

I second everything that has been said about CraigsList.

That said, do not forget to also advertise in the largest local newspaper, as well as in classifieds papers (Penny Saver, Green Sheet, etc.)

Let us know how the infill goes,