Craigslist Ads - General Trends

Is there a general lower response to craigslist ads for Hispanic Parks?

Or less use of craigslist in rural areas?

In my experience, I’ve found that Craigslist doesn’t generate much response to ads. The local/largest newspapers generate more inquiries to ads.

Ha. For renting park owned homes in our location (western NC), we average around 25 distinct inquiries on a Saturday morning before lunch time.

We’ve usually got such a long list that we don’t even have to put up an ad after having a home available.

Now my same ads looking to dump POHs onto purchasers will only generate a few leads a week.

Thanks NCMHInvestor.
Are you able to convert the renters to buyers? Or have they “wised up” and want no part of the costs of owing?

I don’t think we are pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes by selling them property on financing that they otherwise couldn’t get, if you sell them something in good condition.

It’s a function of trying to increase the odds of pride of ownership and the senseless damage is reduced when they know they have to fix it.

Good luck.

I’ve been surprised by the large percentage of people who just want to rent, not own. Was wondering how much others are seeing the same.

@Jlcgul , as per your post:

  • “Is there a general lower response to craigslist ads for Hispanic Parks?”

For our Turn-around MHP we market primarily on Craigslist.

We are in a large metro and we get tons of traffic from Craigslist (literally hundreds of responses to our Craigslist Ads).

My Husband and I own this Turn-around MHP and are very “hands on”.

We are very particular about who we get to rent our POHs.

We take pride in renovating our POHs and providing nice and affordable housing.

We have gotten 1 Hispanic Family from Craigslist. This was only because the sister (who spoke English) answered the Craigslist Ad. This Hispanic Family are great Tenants. In fact they wanted to buy one of our larger MHs. Unfortunately, they needed a bit more of a down payment for the larger MH.

My Brother-In-Law is a United States Citizens who was born in Venezuela and has lived for over 20 years in the US. My Brother-In-Law said that most Hispanics do not use Craigslist. From our experience I would agree with him.

As per my Brother-In-Law the Hispanics use more of an inner referral system.

We actually received a referral from one of our existing Hispanic Tenants for another Hispanic Tenant that purchased their own MH and brought it into our MHP at their expense. We gave our existing Tenant a referral fee for helping us gain a new Tenant.

We have received another referral from a Hispanic that did work for us. That Hispanic referred another Hispanic Family to rent one of our POHs. We gave the referring Hispanic a referral fee.

This referring Hispanic has now brought us another family for another POH.

We are tickled pink at all the referrals.

My Husband has taken some Spanish courses.

Thankfully, my Brother-In-Law has kindly translated for us in the last couple of scenarios.

It definitely helps to have a Spanish to English Translator available.

We wish you the very best!

thnx, Kristin. Good information.

“Are you able to convert the renters to buyers? Or have they “wised up” and want no part of the costs of owing?”

Really haven’t tried in several parks.

Our mobiles are all older. No titles and no tongues or axles on the trailers. That’s a turn off for most buyers.

We take the $300 upside (difference in rent for POH vs TOH paying lot rent) and do monthly walk throughs and run a generally tight ship to try to keep some of the senseless crap from going on that costs you with POHs.