Craigslist Ad Being Flagged

We have entered into a due diligence period on a park and everytime we post a craigslist ad it is getting flagged.  I am curious if it is the current owner or could even be a competitor at a park in the area.Any thoughts?

Hard to say. You’ll get flagged for a whole bunch of reasons. My posts were being ghosted for too many edits. Otherwise, it could be a nefarious competitor or maybe there is just too much spammy advertisement looking content in there. Try rewriting the ad entirely and don’t use the same words (as much as possible) in the next advertisement. You also might need to create a new Craigslist account if the ads are being ghosted. You’ll know they are ghosted when you post the ad, Craigslist appears to accept it, but you can’t find it in theri search function.

Wait at least 15 minutes though to search.  CL’s infrastructure is not real time, posting to searching.  There’s  lag.