Cost to move a SW Mobile Home

I have heard that is costs $2,500-$3,000 to move a SW mobile home. Does that include the cost to move it, level it, set it and hook up all utilities or just the moving cost? This is the cost to move a unit in CA.


I would expect the breakdown, transport, and setup (block, level, anchor) to cost between $2,500 - $3,000. The cost of the utility hookups would be in addition to that cost.

The utility hookups can range quite a bit depending on the age of the utility infrastructure, distance from the home to the existing infrastructure, whether you are hooking up gas and electric or just electric, etc. However, an average hookup will probably run you somewhere around $1250 - $1500 in total.


Blake Donaldson

Usually, the price to move includes breakdown, moving, leveling and set up. Most movers will just tear off the skirting. So, you may want to get someone in who can take it off carefully. Or, you can always get some good used vinyl skirting from some of the dealers.

With the hookups, you’ll need to account for electrical, plumbing and A/C if there’s central A/C to recycle the freon. They need to be licensed.

I’ve found that costs vary. I’d call a couple different people and get some quotes. Best sources I’ve found for contractors have been other investors in the biz and park managers.

Hope this helps. Good luck!


I am very curious as to the cost of moving a home from one location to another (park A to park B). My curiosity is prompted by the fact that someone here was kind enough to send me photos of their MHC upgrade before & after photos. In the photos, they had demolished a few units and were bringing in replacements. These replacements of course were not new.

Was reading at Evergreen homes that the cost to transport is $8 per mile per section.

Trying to understand the steps required to relocate one, especially if you were replacing a number of them at once. Are the numbers in the previous replies still accurate and what typical mileage are they based on?

I question how much money could be saved if you had your own crew remove the ‘skirting’, disconnect the water, sewer, electric, gas, remove any decks or steps, prepare the appliances, install the wheels and tires and get it back on those for transport.

Does it require a large skill set to level one, if it is being installed on a previously leveled pad or pit? Or could a crew capable of the move prepping accomplish it? What equipment would be needed to get it right? How long does it take per unit with a crew of say 4?

Varies greatly depending on part of the country. The same job that I paid 1,800 for break down in SE move and set up with same distance cost 4,500 in midwest. All about supply and demand. If there are only one or two movers in the area you will pay more.

Prepping, uninstalling, unhooking, transporting and re-installing an MH is a significant and potentially dangerous project. Gas, electricity, and 20 tons of home moving down a highway out of the lanes make for an exciting endeavor. My recommendations are: 1) hire an experienced contractor about whom you have some good references, 2) if it’s your home, add “trip” insurance to cover the home during the move, 3) use a transportation / installation contract - one that requires the contractor be fully insured, licensed, and responsible for the home while in his custody and control.

The Forms section at has a “Transporter Installer” contract, but it’s written for a mobile home dealer hiring a transporter. You might want to amend the language a bit to fit you, or ask the Transporter if they have a preferred contract.