Cost to install a new double-wide in Michigan


We are starting to bring in new homes to our parks in southwest Michigan and have been trying to find a good installer. We found one who has been good to work with, but his estimate to install a new double-wide came in at $15.6k (breakdown below), higher than I expected. This is for a 3/2 new double-wide installed with frost piers, etc. to HUD standards.

Is this cost reasonable for the area, and do you have any referrals for installers that work in the area?


home set 5800, piers (40) 5400, fill 300, and top soil 150, excavation 600, door riggers 75, skirting with vents and drains 1514, electric hook up 750, 2sets of wood steps 650, permits and inspections (inc), and spot both halves of home 400.

Total $15,639.00

Unknowns not included are sidewalks, drywall finishing, residential pitch roof and carpet seam.

This is on the higher sad but sadly doesn’t look too unreasonable. The implementation of new HUD rules has been a cost disaster for Michigan.

The one item you could potentially save on is the piers. Do you have existing foundations/slabs? If so, you may be able to either educate the installer or find another one that can salvage the existing foundation and reuse it. If you don’t have an existing foundation though, you can likely find a little cheaper than this, but probably not much cheaper.

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Thanks Noel. We do have existing concrete pads, but I don’t think they go down below the frost line to meet HUD requirements.

In Michigan the slabs should be ok for used homes. Otherwise for new pad yes your costs are in line with expectations. We spent more than this by 50%.