Cost to build a mobile home frame?


Has anyone had a frame for a mobile home fabricated? Can you provide any insight on cost and how to get it registered as a legal mobile home? I run a park outside the Phoenix area in Arizona by the way.



What exactly is your end goal in buying just a frame/box.

Are you looking for a shell or a frame you can see through?
If you get a shell, the interior is structured so you can build out whatever you want but the frame, what I’m seeing in my head is the 2x4 's and you can see through it… would you clarify what you need please?

it is highly unlikely you can build a legal HUD-Code manufactured home by building yourself, since you would have to meet all HUD requirements which (I presume) requires a federal inspector to visit your factory. If you did not mean all HUD code requirements, then you’ll have to meet local building codes.

The cheapest a mobile home frame I’ve seen worth $ 1350.0