Cost of painting interior of a mobile home?

What’s the average cost of painting interior of a mobile home?

Hello. the answer depends heavily on the size of the MH. Is it a SW or DW and what approx sq footage. Also, will it need primed and painted (are the existing walls painted very vivid or dark colors), or will you just need to go over it with one coat.

For a basic rental (nothing fancy, say a B- or C+ property types) on a single wide about 800 sq, I can get that done for $1000-1300, all in.

Depending on the condition of the walls, can be around $900-$2,000.

Condition of the battens, ceiling trims, windows and doors trims, jambs, etc.

if the walls need holes reparations, etc, that can raise the costs.

if you want a regular home appearance in order to sell the home at a better price, you can texture the walls also.

Every home has different treatment.