Cost of new Mobile homes to fill empty lots

Does anyone know the estimated cost to purchase a brand new typical 3 bed 2 bath basic single wide mobile home at a wholesale price? I understand how 21st mortgage works but need to know a general rule on prices of new homes. My average market rents are $850 for a 3 bedroom apartment and average home prices are $105,000. Lot rent is $325 which included water and sewer.


There really is no average, your location and what you’re looking both have a big impact on price. A 14x56 Clayton Tru model delivered right next to the factory will cost drastically less than a Champion entry level doublewide delivered to a remote market. Clayton and Champion are the two largest manufacturers, I would reach out to both of them and ask for some quotes.

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If you want new factory-built, you might consider just paying retail price or working with local dealers to get rock-bottom markup. You could save yourself a lot of hassle and the markup isn’t really that much compared to the costs you face anyway. Your market sounds like it could support resale after a dealer’s markup. In the alternative, you’re the dealer. Do you have a dealer’s license? Or are these for rental?

I would “estimate” basic box $34k plus shipping, installation, hookups, skirting, decks & stairs, and perhaps A/C. You can probably go a little up or down from there but you said 3/2. That’s a complete ballpark guess, btw.

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$35,000 is a good starting point. If the customer has $1000 down and finances $34,000 at 8% for 10 years, their payment would be $413/mo., plus your lot rent of $300 (dropped by $25 to help with utility bill-back), plus utilities after you bill those back. I would want the $713/mo. to be no more than 1/3 of their gross pay.

Yes, for CASH program, you must get a mobile home dealer’s license so they can pass the 10% commission on to you in reduced purchase price without ticking off the other dealers in your area.

$40,000 turn key.
Trailer, dirt pad construction, delivery, utility hook ups, skirting, sales taxes, etc