Cost of developing a MHP

I’ve been interested in purchasing some land and developing a MHP. The park would have easy access to electricity, city water and sewage. The location is in southwest Louisiana. I realize the cost can vary greatly - but I’m wondering what an average price is - the price can be per lot, or for 50, 100, 150, 200 lot parks - anything someone is familiar with. I’m not sure how much it costs for all of the concrete roads and driveways and lights, as well as all the electricity hookups and water and sewage grid. The land would need only minor leveling and drainage work. I’m looking for just a ballpark figure. I saw someone mention around 8,000 dollars per lot, but I’m not sure how they came up with that figure and I have nothing to compare it to for accuracy.

I would very much appreciate any information that can be provided!

I am just finishing up a 23-unit expansion, with existing land, and the cost for me in eastern Oregon is $7500.00 per lot. That includes 600 feet of 8" waterline, and 2 new fire hydrants to make the fire marshal a happy man. 200 amp service, water meters, and city utilities, 3 new street lights, cement curb & gutters, and asphalt street and parking pads, Phone and Cable TV