Cost for Trash Pickup

I have a park in the midwest, central Ohio.

I wanted to know what parks are paying for trash pickup.

How much for 95 gallon container, once a week, per unit?

Thanks for your help

Close to $20 per month for 1 pick up trash and recycling poly cart Dayton,Ohio

I’m paying about $10 per month per household - we’re allowed two cans. NW Ohio.

My residents pay for their own trash pickup or take it to the dump themselves. Most opt to take it themselves.

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For us this varies from $10 to $20. Price is dependent on if there is competition or not. In some markets, there is only one provider, so the cost is higher. Where we have 2 or 3 choices, the cost is closer to $10.

I am currently with Republic in Delaware Ohio and my cost per 95 gallon container once per week is $21 per month. I just recently received a bid from Rumpke and they were considerably higher.