Cost for skirting and siding

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Does anyone have any idea how much skirting and vinyl siding should cost on a small 2 bedroom 70’s home? The park is in Ohio and this unit is located in the front of the park and visible from the street. Since the lot is small, we cannot replace it with a new home at a reasonable cost. We received a quote of $6,000 for everything.


Seems reasonable to me. Materials alone for that job will probably run close to $3k.

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$6000 is very expensive. Order it on-line and have it delivered to the home. Hire a handyman to install it. It shouldn’t cost more than $2000 - should actually be less.

Are you including both vinyl siding and skirting in your estimate?

Have you googled the cost and what is included with the kit?

Thank you for your response. I have googled it and have not found such a kit for $2,000 but I will look further.

Cost of skirting is all over the place.

For white vinyl, which I’d say is the standard in a lot of places, you’re looking at anywhere between 1500-4000. This is depending on 1) Material cost (are you providing it or are they? If you do it’s cheaper usually). 2) Labor cost (You want the contractor who isn’t the cheapest, there’s a reason they aren’t busy. But one who isn’t trying to pull one on you. Get the guy in middle who’s fair pricing, good work. Shoddy work is the worst…

This is just for skirting, no siding, but always ask on that as well. Sometimes you can get a discount.

I just had someone quote me skirting, with timber under to prevent weed eaters to knock it off, for 1,500 material included. Good pricing is out there but it’s the 10th guy I called and got this as a recommendation from other park owners (also a good source to ask around!).

HI, Shelly.

Costs for replace skirting varies upon several variables: material (vinyl panels come in many thicknesses, size of the home, skirt height, include or not include the decks, if you’d like to put landscape timber or 2x4s below the ground channel, or use top front trim in the channel also to resist weed eaters, to put or not asphalt shingles protruding from the channel to impede weed growing along the skirting.

You have a lot to define and for that reason bids can be all around.


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