Copper wire stolen from homes

I have had some problems with thugs stealing the wiring from some empty homes in my park. They go in, pull back the paneling and cut the wiring just behind the receptacle and close up to the ceiling.

So my question is do you just splice that sorta thing back together and keep on going or is this a bigger problem. My electrician says that all joints are to be accessible by code and kinda shys away from it. He hates mobile home wiring.

I am sure some of you have seen this. It is just one of those questions as to whether or not these homes are worth fixing. I just can’t stand to keep paying to have them tore down and then pay another 10 grand to pull something else back in.



Sorry to hear that. Your midnight friends left you with possibly thousands of dollars of damage to make pocket money.

Every connection between two wires must be in a junction box, and the box must be accessible, that means not hidden inside a wall. Who ever fixes this for you needs to find the cut wire where each circuit starts, hook up to it (in a junction box and run the plugs from there. If the circuit jumps from one side of a room to the other, rather then going through the ceiling, I would drill down the wall plate and go under the home if possible. You might look into Wiremold. It looks like hell, but could save a bundle, and might not make much difference in the rentability of the home.