Copper and Clay underground piping

Saw a park for sale that had Copper and Clay underground materials.
Can anymore give some advice on this? I thought clay pipes deteriorate over time and have to be replaced?

The only pipes I know for sure to avoid are the CE water pipes and the OrangeBurg Sewer pipes.

I have Copper Water pipes in parts of one of my parks and do not have issues with it. Built in the 1960’s. We do get an occasional leak. They are easy to repair.

Also have a bit of Clay Sewer Pipes in another park. No issues yet. For the Clay Sewer pipes I think there is a process where you can line the pipe with some type of Epoxy coating.


Copper pipes are generally great unless your in an area with clay rich rich soil or in a costal area with high salt content. Then electrolysis will eat the copper pipes pretty fast. Clay sewer line can be ok or a nightmare depending on joints of the pipes. The joints can leak like crazy if you have a high water table, and roots can get in at each joint plugging the pipe. Just camera the sewer and you will know. Obviously you would like pvc sewer but cant always get it

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Thank you Phillip, very helpful…

Thank you for the info. Maybe I was confusing other pipes with clay ones.

One of our parks has clay sewer pipes. The park was built in the 70’s and now has 100 foot silver maple trees throughout the park. The root systems on the trees have penetrated the lateral lines in some lots. However, the cameras revealed that the main line is still in pretty good shape. The laterals…well, that’s another story but nothing that can’t be fixed. As was mentioned, get the lines camera’d and see what you’re working with. We have already removed a dozen trees and we are just getting started.


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