Converting RV sites to MH spaces

Does anyone have experience converting RV sites into MH sites?  Considering a property that is 1/2 MH park and 1/2 RV park and converting it all over to a MHP.  For size may need to combine 2 RV spaces into 1 MH space.  Thanks for your input!

Though I have no experience in the RV end of things I think you need to find out more about the infrastructure that is in the RV side of the park. What kind of power is available on the RV sites?  Is there heavy enough wiring in the ground or overhead to carry the load for MH over RV?  RVs usually have 30amp hookups, MH need at least 100 amps, though many of the older parks I work in still run 40 & 60 amp services. What is in the ground for sewer and water? Will you need to install a natural gas main?  RVs typically carry their own fuel supply, LP gas. Just my thoughts on things to look into.

Have you contacted your local municipality, first step would be to find out if they will allow the conversion.

We have had an  RV park (235 sites) and presently one is a mixed RV mobile home park combination. We have our RV people on yearly leases and thus can have twice the income of a single MH site and requires general less water and sewage usage.      We find 25% of our RV people move-up to MH and we gain great new residents.       I would be greatly concerted about local municipalizes regulations.  If you can keep the RV sites full why change?