Converting a POH to TOH via a Bill of Sale in GA

We are working on converting all POHs to TOHs, over time of course.

When we purchase older parks, we often don’t get titles to the mobile homes if they are 25+ years old. Just a bill of sale for each home in those cases. Usually the owner just didn’t want to take the time to get a title bond since the process can be so time consuming and convaluted (in Georgia) depending on the circumstances.

With that in mind, would there be any reason we couldn’t “sell” a POH to a tenant, new or existing, via a Bill of Sale, same way we purchased it? Maybe even with a disclaimer included in the Bill of Sale language that explains we don’t have a title, but we are transferring to them all of our interest in the mobile home. Why even bother with the hassle of getting a title when these older homes just aren’t worth much. I’ve spent a year trying to get titles in certain circumstances involving no VINs or liens from banks that no longer exist. This is for parks in the State of Georgia.

Thank you!

Don’t own in Georgia but that’s all we do, Bill of Sale, and have never had an issue.

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