Convert home from propane to natural gas

We’re looking at buying a home that’s set up for propane but our lot has natural gas. How much of a hassle would it be too convert the home to use natural gas? How much would something like that cost?

Just call the local Gas company they should do it for free. If not free then very inexpensively.

The main thing is if the appliances are convertible from LPG to NG. Some appliances are either one or the other but not both. If they are convertible then it’s just a matter of changing out the orifice. If you want to do it yourself, just buy the conversion kit for each appliance from Amazon. I never do it myself (liability).

Sometimes the OEM will put a little baggie on the appliance with the correct orifice.



Exactly what SDGuy said…we do it all the time at little to no cost.

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