Conversion of laundry room into storage units

Does anybody have an experience in converting existing building within a park and turning it into storage units? Any input greatly appreciated.

I would ask residents first if they use the laundry room. One of my parks has a coin-op laundry onsite and although it breaks even at best, it is a vital amenity for those who don’t have washer/dryers (99%). The machines are owned and maintained by a third party who shares a % of the revenue with me.

Not to hijack your post, but I have another park where only two of the 50+ homes have hook-ups for washer/dryers. Most of the residents do not have cars and have to put out significant effort to go cross town to a laundromat. I’d like to convert a vacant trailer to a laundry. Anyone have experience with this?

I have a decommissioned laundry building as well I wanted to convert into storage.

I sent out a letter to residents asking if anyone would want to lease storage space, and got back crickets. So, it’s still sitting empty with no conversion done.

Noel, do you still have a copy of the letter you sent to the residents? I think its a great idea to test waters. Thank you