Contrarion Investing in Michigan (Among Others)

Having purchased and studied the invaluable educational materials offered by as well as following this forum for the past year and a half, I am ready to buy my first park. While I am located in Atlanta, I agree with the general consensus that the Midwest and Great Plains offer the better opportunities. With that said, I am becoming increasingly interested in Michigan for the following reasons:

  1. Market rents for housing alternatives remaing relatively high ($600 plus).

  2. Unemployment rates continue to fall, faster than the national average in many markets.

  3. While population growth is negative or slow in many markets, this does not negate the need for affordable housing. The same can be said for income growth.

  4. This is an assumption which may or may not be accurate; I suspect, given the class and nature of many parks in Michigan, the collapse of the market is more closely linked to the collapse of chattel financing a decade ago.

I look forward to any and all thoughts and responses from the members of the forum with regard to this topic.

Thank You,

Gil Farnsworth