Contractors & ongoing bid adjustments

Well this is a hot topic for me. I seem to always be dealing with a contractor in one state or another that starts a project, then part way through tries to hold my feet to the fire by saying they need more money to complete the job.

Because we hold back 25% of the job cost, it can create a pretty exciting environment if the contractor want to walk from the job, but the last 25% is tied to them completing the project. I had another contractor send me the ‘I have been thinking bout this and need more money’ email last night- I just grow tired of it.

Once a contractor threatens me with a ‘pay more or I’ - we get quit, sabotage your project, call my attorney or whatever- I really go into guarded mode and if they walk, I tend to never call them again.

The threats really show me a few things. If things go wrong, they will do harm to me or my project to enact revenge, and if they say they will do that sort of stuff, do I really want to be doing business with them. The demands, threats and saber rattling is such a reflection of the core character of the person I am dealing with.

What do you all do to hedge against dealing with people that have these anger issues?