Contract with Park Owner

I’m bringing in homes to help an owner fill his park. I want to cover what I pay out to purchase and move homes in the contract. How much should I tell the owner I want paid for my homes if he happens to sell the park? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I’m not clear on what you are expecting. When you bring a home into a park, you are intentionally risking your money in the hopes of making more back from the rental or sale of the home. Are you renting or selling on a note?

Why would the owner/seller of a park give you anything at all for YOUR homes? If you are lucky, you might get him/her to pay half the moving costs. Do you have to pay lot rent? I would not move a home into any park unless I got free lot rent until sold or rented. In our state it costs thousands for the MHP owner to upgrade the site to the new rules.


I am being contracted by an out of state park owner to get his park full. He is the one that suggested that we put somewhere in the contract that if he decides to sell at a later date that our contract either stays in place with the new owners or have the new owners buy our units. I just wasn’t sure on how to word that section of the contract to make sure I get a good price for my homes if the new owner wants to buy me out. Not sure if you have ever done anything like this (I haven’t) so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks