Contract on a park, BEFORE I see it?

Here is something that I have heard Frank and Dave say on their CD’s… tie up the park with a contract before you spend the time and money to go look at it.
Sounds fine, but where is a great deal that will accept that? I cannot imagine a seller just tying up a park for 45 days to someone that has not even seen the property yet?
Am I crazy?
thanks for your insights.

That’s how I bought my first one. It’s out of state and about a 4 hour drive one way. I asked for lots of photos from the broker, did lots of investigation online and made my offer. I didn’t visit onsite until due diligence started and inspectors were onsite

In theory its a great concept and you definitely want to do it if you can. Realistically, maybe hire someone of craigslist or a service called WEGOLOOK to get a rough idea of what it looks like. That way you aren’t wasting your time or sellers time. Sometimes if everything looks promising, it might be worth the effort to make the trip especially if you want to get it under contract. Brokered property completely different because there should be at least a handful of pics provided.

You can do amazing things with Google Earth.


If a park is more than 2 hours away I rarely go see the property. Google Maps and Bing Maps can definitely tell you a lot. Now if the broker tells you a significant number of improvements have been made in the last 12 months but the pictures on Google and Bing are 2 years old ask the broker to provide a drive through video or hire someone like Marvel_Equity suggested.