Contract language that allows for an assignment?

Does anyone have a contract framework that can be used for assignment? I’m looking for a framework.

Thank you ,

For valuable consideration, the receipt and adequacy of which is hereby acknowledged, this Agreement dated _________________ is hereby made by and between ABC LLC, and/or their assigns or nominee, (hereinafter “PURCHASER”) and__________________________________________, Seller (hereinafter “SELLER”).

I use a state standard P&S and put My Name “or assigns” and it’s always worked for me. Suggestion above looks good too if you’re writing your own.

Are there any restrictions on the contract language for your purchasers after you find another buyer? If you can’t assign it do you typically walk from the deal during the due diligence phase?

I think there is no restriction in purchasing contract language as I have purchased it from essay outlines and it is a great deal.

Buyer is “Buyer’s Name and/or assigns”

I don’t remember why I do the “and/or Assigns” as opposed to just “or assigns”. That’s a question for a RE attorney.