Contract for lot lease and for purchase

Hello everyone. We are in need of a copy of a good lot lease contract as well as a MH purchase (rent to own) contract and a rental contract as well. If you guys have any that you could forward to us we would really appreciate it! We have parks in IL and MS. We realize the laws will be different in other states, but if you have any of these that are solid we would be grateful. Please email them to us at


Ron and Gene


It sounds like you need a whole bunch of MHP forms. Ernest/Steve’s Huge Profits in MH and MHP course has every form you need. If there is a single form that you let me know and I will send it to you.


Thanks Corey,

It was nice to have met you in Florida. We enjoyed speaking with you and appreciate your time. Does Ernest/Steve’s Huge Profits in MH and MHP have the forms on disk or just hard copy? Where can we obtain it?